When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air


Light shower

Amulet of God

Great spirit

Flee from thee

Am i not enough all by myself?

That’s what i thought

Now get the hell away from me!

I am a creator

Can’t dumb me down

With religion

God is exactly like me

HE doesn’t shout

Doesn’t laugh

He’s nowhere but everywhere

He’s nothing but everything

He’s nobody but he is everybody

He doesn’t fight

Nor does he sing

He simply exists

God was in my life for one moment and made an impact on my entire life. The devil is in my life every moment of everyday and hasn’t made one impact in all the moments he’s been around.


Except for my anger I even got arrested one time because the devil pissed me off so bad.

God wrote off our sins

Because god has sinned as much as everyone

So how can god judge?

It’s a write off !!!!!

Everyone is saved. That’s what we did.

Rapture the rapists

Religion is divisive

I am the one that did this

I am the one that played with my mind

I am the one who did this

I am the one that chose those people

I am the one that heard it all

God started to send me messages

And i am safe here.

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